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What is EMPRESA?

EMPRESA is a state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning and Management system ( ERPM / ERP ). It is a web based robust and secured solution that integrates HRM, General Ledger, Inventory, Sales, Procurement, Payroll, Attendance and Documentation Library.

The well thought out features, work flows and tabular/graphical reports are an outcome of our in depth knowledge in accounting principles, practical large scale industrial operations management, expertise in technology product development and legal business requirements in Bangladesh.

What Technology is it built on?

EMPRESA is built on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform which is Microsoft’s flagship platform for web application development. It uses the world class Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine. Microsoft has invested heavily in both of these platforms.

In EMPRESA, we take full advantage of this Microsoft’s capabilities built into ASP.NET and SQL Server which makes this ERP an extremely robust, scalable and secured product. As Microsoft adds on more capabilities to ASP.NET and SQL Server, EMPRESA is in line to take full advantage of them and roll out new upgrades to our customers.

Who is EMPRESA for?

EMPRESA is built for companies and organization who are involved in manufacturing, trading

How do I access my EMPRESA?

EMPRESA is based on the latest web technologies. Therefore, you can access your server from anywhere in the world as long as you have an account in the system and your server is accessible.

You do not need to install the product in every PC (workstation) that is going to use the ERP. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection that will access the one server that will host the solution. Therefore, cost of workstation management is minimized. If a workstation goes down because of a hardware failure or a virus attack, your operation does not have to suffer.

Is EMPRESA secured?

Yes. Even though you can access it from home, office or while you are travelling you still need an account into the system and based on and you can access only those features and reports that you have been given permission to.

My company does not need all the modules.

That is perfectly fine. You can purchase only the modules you need. You can always scale up as the need arises.

How do I get more features or custom features?

EMPRESA is very scalable and we can add on new features and reports very easily. It already has many configurable feature and reports which allows you to custom fit the product for your needs. In addition we can build you further customized features and reports.

What is the future of EMPRESA?

We have a development roadmap of feature for the coming months. As new features come out you may be eligible for a free upgrade if you have a maintenance contract.

How do I get support?

EMPRESA has a built in error detection engine. As it finds an error it automatically logs it. You can choose to have the log emailed to us so that we can take proactive measures to fix it. Or, you can choose to log an issue directly in our issue tracking system and someone will get back to you shortly. You can also call the helpline and someone will take you through the issue management system.

It is absolutely critical to us that we give our customers 100% support so that their business operation gets full benefit out of EMPRESA. So, we provide a robust issue tracking system to our customers so that all issues are managed systematically and we can identify if there has been any shortcomings in providing support.

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Credit Rating Agency Of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB).
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