Adnan N. Rahman

As a Microsoft Partner & IBM Business Partner we provide a full suite of technical consulting services to help you link your strategic vision to an executable plan. We understand that all customer requirements are not identical. Therefore, our implementation approach is a professionally authentic strategy. It takes into account specific customer business processes, which leads to a successful implementation of an ERP/EAM.

We closely navigate each of our clients in the process industry to reduce costs, improve productivity and maximize financial returns. We do this by streamlining business processes and aligning the other applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) component of the Information Technology structure (IT) into the overall strategy.

Our approach is based on a flexible implementation methodology that focuses on the most effective use of the ERP or EAM package. We actively define a balanced combination of workforce, process and technology to drive Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) cost down, and extend the useful life of critical assets. Our consultants will work with you as business collaborators who will steer you through all phases of your implementation process.

Our implementation approach is based on the following:

  • Providing full service expertise to address every aspect of the implementation
  • Implementation recommendations are based on your budget and your timeline with flexible options, while not compromising your business requirements
  • Offering a repeatable methodology, which can be applied consistently across multi-site implementation environments based on industry standard business practices
  • Providing a quick ROI (return on investment)
  • Minimize the overall implementation cost from planning to go-live by combining both clients internal and our consulting services resources
  • Assuring measurable knowledge transfer both during and after implementation
  • Offering training and individualized customer user manuals to propel your users up to speed

ECDS has long experience working in ERP systems across many major industry verticals, including US federal and state governments. Over the years our consultants have built a database of knowledge from the leading industry experts during the implementation and not from textbooks. Our consultants know how to apply this knowledge to drive performance and derive cost improvements. We can assist you execute your vision and link to operational success.