Adnan N. Rahman
Do you need your own Software Development Center (SDC)

ECDS Team is experienced in building complex solutions for organizations of different sizes. We understand that businesses have unique requirements and the solutions that they invest in must be flexible and scalable to adapt to growing internal and external demands.

Whether you require a sophisticated custom software, an informative Website or an online e-commerce business solution, we can help! We have expertise across multiple technology domains (i.e. Open Source, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.) and proven competence on converting complex business processes into software solutions.

We also have many years of experience in our team in projects developed in distributed locations in parallel development environments and can help foreign IT organizations have a presence is low cost software development destinations such as Bangladesh. We already have proven record of setting up and running successful offshore services for a client in the United States.

Project Management: Strong project management is a cornerstone of all successful project delivery. Our project managers both in Bangladesh and in the USA have multiple years of experience and skill in managing complex technical projects. Our mode of communication and coordination generally is email, skype and other project management tools such as MS Project and online issue tracking system.

Development: Most of our development team consists of developers with 5 to 12 years of experience. We work as a team and all team members are involved at the architecture level and are open to providing their feedback. Once requirements are thrashed out and documented, we work meticulously to build as designed adhering to set schedule.

Configuration and Release Management: We use SVN as our configuration management tool. However, we have deep experience working with ClearCase, Accurev, Source Safe and Bittracker. All Builds accompany detailed Release Notes and go through testing cycle before market release. All releases are managed independently.

Quality Assurance: All Builds go through smoke test to full system test depending on the need. Our issue tracking system hosts all issues including enhancement/change requests from clients. As needed clients are given direct access to the issue tracking system and they can contribute directly in the software engineering process.

Technology Support: Logos – ASP.NET, PHP, Oracle, APEX, SQL Server, MY SQL, Maximo, Crystal Report, BIRT, etc……..

Give us a call and shoot us an email – perhaps we are the right partner that you are looking for to build the products you require for your business.

Adnan N. Rahman