Adnan N. Rahman
About ECDS

ECDS was founded in 2006 with a focus on providing ERP solutions to leading organization in Bangladesh and custom software services to clients both in Bangladesh and abroad. In recent times, it joined hands with Enterprise Solutions of Massachusetts, an IBM EAM consulting services firm, to form ECDS USA. Enterprise Solutions for over a decade had been specializing in IBM EAM solutions with clients in North America, Europe, Korea and the Middle East.

Today ECDS is a strong technical consulting and software development firm with a global reach - operating out of Dhaka and Boston, providing reliable and cost effective ERP, EAM and custom software development solutions across a wide range of industry verticals and technology spheres. We at ECDS, work closely with our clients to learn, design, develop and implement solutions that are at the core of their operations.

We take pride in having a multi-faceted, adaptive and an agile group of engineers and consultants dedicated to team oriented project management methodologies. Commitment and dedication from the top levels of our company ensures the proper resources are aligned to each project. With a goal to provide products and services that are at par with the best around the world, we are focused on employing industry best practices in all aspects of the firm.

Customers are at the center of our operation. We are very proud of our customer base which represents clients operating in niche markets to brand name global companies. Our customers share two important common characteristics; first they are organizations with a very substantial investment in service, plant and capital assets, secondarily they are driven to achieve the most optimal service request, equipment and asset reliability at the lowest possible operating and maintenance cost. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers get what they opt for from us.