EMPRESA is a simple to use yet powerful ERP for small to mid-size organizations that are in need to manage all the different departmental activities under a single robust platform for end to end visibility and integrated reporting.

Based on our many years of experience in the field of ERP development & implementations and understanding the needs of enterprises of different sizes, EMPRESA is built by us in-house to standardize your business processes based on industry best practices. Built around state of the art Microsoft web technologies it is a robust ERP that you can leverage to streamline your business and make decisions with confidence.

Business benefits:
  • Business performance management based on dashboards and KPIs.
  • Focused consolidated report accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Built-in multi-branch, multi-company, multi-currency support.
  • stronger financial management based on trends and Analytics.
  • Mitigation of risks at various nodes of your operation causing chain effects.
  • Effictive coordination between budgeting and operational needs.
  • Improvement in decision making at all levels of your operation.


Dashboard, HR, Training, Travel, Payroll, Accounts, Inventory, Sales, Forecasting/Merchandising, Procurement/Commercial, Production, Shipping, Employee Portal, Document Library, Employee Portal

Dashboard: Powerful dashboard integrating all aspects of the ERP, tabular and graphical views, access control

HR: Detailed employee profiles with academic & professional information and documents, annual goals and targets, holiday and attendance management

Training: Training catalogue, schedule, resource, budget and expenses management, document library, staff registration and certificates

Travel: Itinerary, budget & expenses, approvals, tickets, hotel, travel log

Payroll: Monthly salary and daily wage management with OT, DT, pay slips, salary/wage statements, bank advise, PF calculations

Employee Portal: Employees direct access to his/her information, notices, communications with administration

Procurement/Commercial: Quotations, SPR, Note Sheet, PO, PR, Invoice, advance payment, returns, import LC management, sundry creditors, purchase register, analytical reports

Inventory: Multi Store, transfers, stock batch, damage stock voucher, stock summary, stock movement analysis, low stock alerts, location summary

Sales: Multi level pricing, sundry debtors, quotation, sales order, advance payment, POS, discount slabs, receivable, return register, target management, sales analysis report

Accounts: Full scale accounting systems with contra vouchers, bank reconciliation, cost center, budget variance, Group Summary, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, P&F, Balance Sheet statements.

Merchandising: Inquiry, quotation, PO, Factory/Work order, Costing by BOM, resource, etc.

Production: Multi node production flow, Work Order, scheduling, plan v/s actual on material, resource, output, performance monitoring for worker, machine

Shipping: Scheduling, shipment details with driver/vehicle information, status management

E-Library: Folder category and access control, document versioning, integration with sales and inventory

Recent announcements

Version 3.11.12 is released
Buildtrade Foils standardizes on EMPRESA