Adnan N. Rahman
ERP Implementation

Data Loading: Whether you are implementing ERP system for the first time or upgrading your age old legacy system(s) data cleansing and conversion is an integral part of an implementation project. If you want to restructure your general ledger component structure or your location hierarchy we can do it for you. From providing you with the templates to submit your unclean data to scrubbing, mapping, conversion to finally uploading we have done it all.

We will upload the data, test the integrity of the data and ensure the data supports the process functionality in the production system. Our consultants have the experience with REST API, Data Loader and the Integration Framework to get the job done on time at a cost that others cannot beat.

Today’s successful organizations realize that high quality data plays an important role in delivering increased business performance. Traditionally, data quality has focused on the role of customer data within the organization, but increasingly businesses are recognizing that efficient management of internal operational data can provide significant returns.

At the end of the day you want increased efficiency and standard data.

Do you have less than perfect data then let us help you ease the pain by standardizing, enriching, localizing data from any source. Eliminate data problems and increase the value of your data.

We are the one stop shop for unmatched quality and warranty.

ERP System Upgrade: Upgrade involves more than just the software versioning, database upgrade, configuration and migration of the application. It also includes customization or other extensions that you may want to bring over to the new version with a clear plan so that there are no spaces or functional gaps.

Upgrade also provides you with an opportunity to make improvements on existing business processes and application functionality that is no longer required. This may include making changes to the data standards, integration to other legacy systems, changes to the KPI’s and dashboards just to name a few ECDS consultants have been implementing ERP systems for the past 15 years. Our consultants have accumulated this hand-on knowledge through sheer experience. We can do it faster and quicker than many other ERP consultants because we are knowledgeable on the steps of upgrading complex systems. If you are in the middle of contemplating an upgrade to your ERP system, call us today and we can provide you with free consultation.

Integration: No ERP implementation is ever complete without integration to other external systems. Whether it is Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Infor, or any other Third Party system, our consultants are well versed in integration. Our seasoned consultants are skilled in simple to complex integrations with external systems whether these are file transfers or data that is utilized for calculation.

For complex integrations our consultants can develop, test and deploy them to meet your specific needs. For more ‘off the shelf’ integrations our consultants use the integration framework or the web services to deliver the results.

If your organization has implemented Maximo Enterprise System then we recommend utilizing the Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA) plug-ins to SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft. MEA enables Maximo to quickly connect with your enterprise systems and share / exchange critical information with these systems in real-time or batch.

Reports Development

Consolidate, Integrate, and Visualize Data to make informed decisions

Is your organization experiencing the following?
  • Decisions based on ‘gut feel’ and not on fact
  • Unable to manage and mitigate risk
  • Business decisions made on inaccurate/incomplete data
  • Cannot define key performance index (KPI’s) to improve performance
  • Business decisions are not made in a timely manner
  • Lack of visibility into critical business processes

If the answer to the above is ‘Yes’ then call us and one of our consultants can help you with reports, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI’s) that can provide insight into your organizations performance. Let our consultants build you the reports with the results, performance dashboards from various applications inside the system that lets you make decisions based on facts.

Intelligent reporting is an integral part of the ERP implementation and decision-making. The key to success is, at what level, for what purpose and how to go about utilizing the data after a successful implementation.

Maximo web based BIRT ‘out-of-the-box’ (OOB) reports are a set of highly configurable reports. Likewise, EMPRESSA also has a set of OOB reports which can be customized to represent the desired data. These reports and KPI’s can be emailed, converted into PDF format and exported into Excel for further calculation.

Our experienced consultants can enhance your reports, build custom reports at a reasonable cost as well as take the data from your ERP system and build reports using BI, Cognos and Crystal and other web based reporting tools.