Adnan N. Rahman

IBM’s Maximo Product Suite is a Tier 1 enterprise solution for organization of various sizes. It has been ranked 13 times as the top EAM solution by Gartner research group (link). 50% of the top Fortune 500 companies use IBM enterprise solution to manage their assets, inventory, work order schedule, procurement, contracts, supply chain process, PM forecasting, and safety in plant operations through regulation compliance.

Maximo is fully compatible with Microsoft OS and can be extended to other mobile platform. Easy to install and configure the product is now available in the cloud version.

IBM Maximo 7.5 Enterprise System allows you to achieve greater efficiency by managing your planned and unplanned work and gives you a single point of control over all types of assets - production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communications.

The single platform allows sharing and ensures compliance to industry standard best practices, inventory and asset performance optimization, improvement in resources and personnel productivity. There are six major web based service oriented modules on a single common platform.

  • Work Order management – The Work Order Management module allows the user to manage both scheduled and unscheduled work, from initiation to completion with all the cost (labor, materials and tools) details.

  • Service management – The Service Management module manages all types of service offerings whether it be activities, tasks, service request, or quick reporting. The user can setup service level agreements (SLAs), proactively and monitor level of service delivery and esclate the process if needed.

  • Procurement management – The Procurement module helps you manage the entire enterprise procurement cycle from order to cash/purchase requisition to invoicing with full integration to financial systems.

  • Inventory management – The Inventory module provides a full view of the inventory in the storeroom, associated usage against the work including what items are in which storeroom, what is the turnover ratio and who are the suppliers and what does it cost the company for the inventory.

  • Contract management – This module supports contracts for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master, blanket and user-defined contracts.

  • Asset management – The Asset management module works in tandem with the Locations module. Allows users to gain full visibility to their asset base. Provides complete control to efficiently track and manage asset and location data throughout the asset life cycle.

Maximo seamlessly integrates with other world class ERP such as SAP, Oracle Financial, JD Edwards, etc.

Adnan N. Rahman